Saturday, August 24

X-1-The mysterious McLaren only one guest

The McLaren upgraded the MP4-12C most of the details to create the unique X-1 for the mysterious guest, but the car is mainly located in the museum.

In 2012, the McLaren (MSO-McLaren Special Operations) Special Branch introduced the X-1. The developer vehicle is based on the MP4-12C with car body, engine and more upgraded details. It took three years to produce. In particular, only one car was born, selling to the mysterious customer. However, after the owner, the car spends most of his time in the museum.

In terms of exterior, the X-1 was longer and wider than the MP4-12C, spending 18 months designing the shape. The car body is made of carbon fibre with fine aluminium details. Most panels make up a personalized car body, which has the following car and mudguards can be raised by electricity to reach the wheel.

The interior is wrapped in red leather, carpeted floors made from the grey black Alcantara skin. Along with that the details are carbon-paneled, concentrated in the central Control Panel. The overall composition seemed to be not so different from the MP4-12C.

It was long ago, but the cabin compartment is still clean and modern, the entertainment information system also has simple graphics with appropriate resolution for today’s standards.

The Mclaren X-1 is a 3.8 litre V8 dual-tank engine that resembles the MP4-12C but has been refined to 617 and the 601 Nm torque, which comes with a dual-level 7-clutch gearbox. Because the car body is made from carbon, the weight is about 1,400 kg. Thanks to this, the vehicle can accelerate from 0-100 km/h for 3.1 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 330 km/h.

The rear wing is powered by electricity when running high speed to provide body stability, while the LA-zăng is designed to increase aerodynamic and comfortable driving sensations. The airline does not disclose the material of la-zăng, but more likely from magnesium.

The car body uses multiple lines and niches.
The car body uses multiple lines and niches.

The shock absorbers of MP4-12C used in the X-1 are known to be the smooth and smoothest suspension of the supercar, in order to ensure that the vehicle owner is the most comfortable when walking straight and into the crab.

X-1 prices are not disclosed. However according to Motortrend, some sources estimate that the price is around 5-7 million.