Sunday, September 22

Who is the favorite prey of selling donkeys?

Scammers are very sophisticated, they take advantage of the gossip and lack of social awareness of the young group of young students who are new students.

Statistics of the British newspaper said, new students are easily cheated to sell car insurance in this country
Drivers aged 17-24 in the UK, especially students who fall into the group of victims most deceived by fake insurance salespeople, figures recorded from 2015 to now, are published in The Independent of England. The newspaper reported, on average, each victim was deceived at least 912 pounds.

They set up traps in the form of forging insurance documents, misleading details in contracts, lowering insurance premiums, or deliberately offering covered terms, but not covered by insurance coverage. incident occurred.

Of course, when buying such an insurance package, all risks of an accident will belong to the victim, the insurance donors will hug the money and lose it.

Students cheated because they have very tight insurance coverage, if they buy full insurance, they are beyond affordability. On the other hand, scammers often “read” people who buy insurance, when eliminating payment costs to reduce the lowest amount of insurance money, but the consequences are disastrous.

The Police Department against London fraud insurance (IFED) recommends that young people, especially new students, be wary of the attractive discount of security agents posted on the internet and social networks.

A specific case was mentioned, an 18-year-old foreign student who had just arrived in the UK for several months, bought auto insurance through Facebook for a very favorable price, a lot of discounts “blew into the ears” by a self-talker. Introduce “professional insurance broker”.

But of cheap is mine, then soon, he was hit by an accident that caused the car to fail. He contacted the insurance company with hope.

However, after reviewing the records, the insurance company announced that the car will not be covered by insurance because this contract lacks the terms of compensation payment for new drivers entering the traffic in the UK. first year.

After that, he contacted the police side for help. The police said that because the two sides signed and agreed as in the contract, the police could not intervene.

The victim tried to contact the insurance broker, but he blocked his number. The student lost £ 2,200 for this case.

The 18-year-old victim said: “I was really shocked, that feeling was like throwing 2,200 pounds for a fraudster. When you were fooled like that, you would not believe anyone, including the insurance company. Although car insurance companies later gave him genuine insurance prices many times higher than buying through brokers, I think those who were tricked by their young experience with lack of knowledge Insurance industry, it is important for people of my age to be wary of cheap car insurance offers, always read the terms of the insurance policy carefully. “

Director of London car insurance company said: “Selling cheap car insurance is a very attractive thing for young people, buying insurance through a car insurance broker will be very risky because of the words. Their persuasion is very compelling, young people should be alert to such discounts and discounts, go directly to a reputable insurance company for accurate information.