Sunday, September 22

Volvo XC40 Private substance of the Swedish SUV

According to the development history of the Swedish car carrier, the first Volvo to ship was in 1927. And so far, it’s always known for its “standard” safety. Even XC40, the small SUV has also won the title of “Europe’s year 2018 car”.

Volvo brings to Vietnam a variety of SUV models in the XC family, but the most prominent and impressive is the “youngest child” model XC40. In addition, the model XC40 is also the latest line that the Nordic car brand Volvo brings to introduce in the Vietnamese car market in the year 2019.
Volvo XC40 was first introduced in January 9/2017 and officially introduced to the public at the car exhibition in Geneva Switzerland in January 3/2018. At the time, Volvo XC40 had actually created a rush in the global market with sales of over 75,000 in 2018.

As a “youngest brother” model in Volvo’s XC cars, the XC40 was targeted by the manufacturer to the young, dynamic segment of the city, but still has to be classy and sporty. Indeed, the XC40 model is the urban car model with fully equipped amenities, fashion design and especially famous for the safety of all passengers as well as the driver in the car.

Fashion, luxury and sports design.
In Vietnam, Volvo XC40 launched the market last month 5/2019. With this model, Volvo Vietnam has added new airflow as well as the choice for young customers in the country. While the market still refers to the long-standing names of the luxury urban vehicle segment. The names in the segment of small cars, the Vietnam market earlier as: Mercedes-Benz GLA, BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

About exterior Design Volvo XC40 carries the philosophy of designing and inheriting the DNA of the British car line as XC60 and XC90. In addition to the circular lines and cubes, on the car is also made up of strong cutting lines, definitively to bring to the youthful, sporty and equally sporty.
The most prominent is the cluster of grille with the Volvo logo to be discovered… And a FUll LED light system cluster with a daytime positioning lamp designed “hammer Thor”. The Active Bending Headlights on Volvo XC40 can change the automatic projection angle to ensure the best visibility for the driver when driving at night, especially when travelling on steep pass segments. The indicator lights after the unique and stretched-down LED shape is designed to embrace the rear of the car, helping Volvo XC40 catch the eye and attract even a day or night.

Volvo XC40 in possession of an overall length x Width x Height in turn is 4,425 x 1,863 x 1,658 (mm), base length 2.702 mm. The tail retains the tradition of the XC series but is balanced and more dominant. Contemporary touches bring a distinct attraction to the main Volvo XC40 as a shiny black painted hood.
Volvo XC40 really stand out with the flexibility of the driving experience and the highest visibility in the segment by the more than 21cm in the car. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a 19inch diamond cross-cut alloy set of five double-sided diamonds to create strong , Personality.

Equipped with technology and the above facilities in the interior.

Although a small car model, inside the interior compartment, gives the first driver a surprise for comfort and spacious. Inside Volvo XC40, it’s all like a miniature version of the men like XC60 or XC90. All the leather inside of the vehicle were used Nappa leather material combining Alcantara.

The highlight of Volvo XC40 ‘s interior compartment is the need for electronic numbers. This is the trend of many current cars. Need an electronic number to make the driving experience simpler, faster and create a lot of new space in the car.