Saturday, August 24

U.S. automobile agency summons a car to correct the watch

A semi-1500 Ram sales in January 12/2018 was called on fixing the software and the cluster of clocks.

Not a car model or a car line, but only one Ram 1500 is summoned. The 2019 1500 Lifetime Ram encountered a software problem that caused the cluster to stop working.

According to the summoning material the Fiat Chrysler parent (FCA) works on the U.S. National Transportation Safety Authority (NHTSA), some special positions on the watch cluster may not glow in accordance with the Federal Motor Safety Standard 101 (FMVSS). Not only violates the rules of the FMVSS, the problem can cause the driver to not know exactly what is happening with the car, which leads to the risk of accidents.

Because of the above error, operation summon 19V556000 aimed at only one client of Ram. The vehicle owner will be notified of the repair, and the dealer will replace the free-to-download cluster of the software.

The same incident occurred with three other Fiat Chrysler car models, and was used as a 3-month recovery company. Afterwards, FCA knew that some 1500 Ram models could occur in the clock cluster. After examining the production profile data, the airline identified only one car in the United States with this fault, and the second summoning was announced with only one payload, with the expected execution time of 13/9.

1500 Ram is a large and current sales line in the 5th generation. Ranked 3rd in the top 10 cars in the US first half of the year 2019.