Sunday, September 22

Toyota owners were crying because of the lack of spare parts

Car owners in Canada have to wait a long time to bring their car to the repair shop, in some cases it may take several months for a replacement. This situation occurs throughout Toyota Canada dealers.
CBC television channel said Toyota is facing a crisis of spare parts in the country of red maple leaves. The Japanese automaker says it is transforming the system as planned to provide a better user experience.

Meanwhile, Toyota car owners must experience the worst moment. Catrina Brown from Halifax (Nova Scotia) brought the RAV4 to repair but 57 days later has not finished, CBC said.

“I really don’t understand why such a big brand doesn’t have spare parts for my car,” Brown told CBC.

Another vehicle owner who received information from a repair service center said that Toyota Canada is converting its warehouse and deploying a new system. The Scion FR-S 2016 of Megan Dieter was “soaked” for more than a month is not over even a few spare parts.

“They just say things are stalling without saying where”, Megan Dieter expressed frustration. Last Friday, she got her Scion FR-S back after nearly 2 months of bringing it into the repair shop.

Some other car owners are not so lucky. Bogdan Dakanovic from Mississauga (Ontario) brought the 2018 RAV4 to the service workshop from June 18 but has not finished it yet despite the approaching car insurance period.

Even if this person offers to pay the cost of transferring parts from another place, it is not accepted. After 6 weeks, Bogdan Dakanovic’s car was almost finished, there was still a lack of front bumper and a few other parts.

Toyota Canada spokesman David Shum told The Drive that the problem was short-lived due to system switching. This car company has apologized to customers.

The shortage of spare parts for Toyota cars in Canada is not known until the end.