Saturday, August 24

Toyota Avalon Sports version cost 43,255 USD

-Large-size sedan Toyota Avalon Sports version developed by TRD, which uses the V6 3.5 L to attract natural gas to the 301 horsepower.

Toyota North America just announced, the Avalon Sport version will officially board the shelf in the following month for the sale price of 43,255 USD. The rate is between two Limited editions (43,055 USD) and Touring (43,455 USD). In addition, the Avalon has a lower XSE version with a sales price of 39,255 USD.

This is the 5th generation of Japanese sedan. Avalon Sports version was developed by the airline’s high-performance vehicle division called the TRD-Toyota Racing Development. Car using the V6 3.5 L gas engine to suck naturally. The machine delivers 301 power, passing the wheels through an 8-level automatic transmission.

The designer Calty has brought an impressive appearance to the Avalon TRD. The Toyota Avalon Sports version is equipped with bodykit consisting of Carnn front, rear bumper, car side cladding and tail wind. They all have shiny black paint to enhance the sport. Car Wheel TRD Design multi-size 19 inches.

As the sport version, the most important change of the car is located in suspension. The suspension of the car is adjusted to about 1cm lower. This gives a better balance of the car when entering the crab at high speeds, and reduces the degree of cushioning when passing through the reducer. In addition, the spring is also newly replaced, which increases the hardness by 44% in front and 67% at the rear.

Yet, the brake system of the car is also improved with a larger size brake disc at 32, 75cm with dual piston brakes. In the end, Toyota added the bar to increase the stability of the vehicle body. All promises to provide better driving ability for the Avalon TRD.