Sunday, September 22

Top car-Low prices in the “month of the Soul”

New car models included; Toyota Vios, Honda CR-V or Ford Everest… In the top of the great lower price automobile in month 8/2019 (or month of the month of the soul) that you should consider buying now lest miss. Psychological fears shopping in the month of “soul” makes the automobile market this time every year is usually quite bleak. So to activate and ensure sales are not dropped, the car carriers, the dealers are strong hands off the prices of their products. Also hence, the price of car models is strong, touching the bottom at this point.
Toyota Vios is not only impressed by the sales but also in a consecutive shock by the discounts, after relisting the price of further discounts on the dealer down record low. Namely Vios 1.5 E MT after the discount is listed down 490 million to continue to receive an additional 30 million cash, down to low unprecedented in history of VND 460 million in the southern region and in Hanoi.

The remaining two versions were reduced from 20 to 30 million, and the price dropped to about 510 million with the Vios 1.5 E CVT and 540 million with Vios 1.5 G CVT. With incentives and discounts on the Toyota Vios roller Price in Hanoi (where the In front of 12%, the sea number 20 million) is ranging from 561 to 647 million custom versions, in HCMC (before 10%, the number of 11 million dong) from 532 to 621 million.