Saturday, August 24

The silly reason for automobile thieves to be captured is easy

Just after not long after being pursued by the police on the highway, the Thief of power car Tesla Model S in Arizona, USA was “forced to stop” and was caught easily.

This bad thief is a woman named Kathy Sain. On 9/8 recently, the woman stole the Tesla Model S electric scooter in a parking spot near a customer service center of the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The local police immediately discovered, pursued Kathy Sain as she drove the stolen car off the highway. The state’s Department of Public Safety and the Gila County Sheriff’s Office attempted to disable the stolen car Tesla using a range of spikes but was still unable to perform.

However, luckily he did not smile with the thief, the Tesla suddenly got out of power and stopped. Police arrive and easily catch Kathy Sain.

Kathy Sain is no longer a stranger to the police in this state because of the unfriendly past. She has ever been arrested for not strictly legal executive, causing the criminal damages, driving in a state of intoxicating.

Before the absurd, the resident network humorously commented: If you intend to steal an electric car, make sure the car is still full of electricity to help you flee.

Tesla Model S Electric scooter
The Tesla Model S was released in 2013 by the Tesla Group and quickly became a favorite vehicle in many markets, typically the United States. According to information from The Car Guide, this is a high-end tram line with an operating range of up to 539 km per charge and a formidable acceleration (0-100km/h within 2.7 seconds).

In addition, the Tesla tram is also equipped with security to prevent theft. These features include: PIN to driver-ask the driver to enter the verification code before driving a car; Sentry Mode-monitors the vehicle surroundings and gives alarms including images and sounds when someone attempts to break in.

In addition, Tesla Model S is also impressed by its durability when it is certified by the U.S. National Transport Safety Bureau (NHTSA) to be a safe car model for users. Currently the price of this vehicle on the market ranges from $75.000.