Saturday, August 24

The new Defender will be armed with two types of gas and traditional spring

Land Rover specifically designs the new generation Defender to preserve the most powerful off-road abilities despite being able to swap some other elements.

Just a few weeks before the new Defender – the car line can be said to be the most awaited Land Rover in the past few years, officially the village. There are now no less European reputation newspapers invited to try out the car with very good initial feedback although they are not yet able to reveal detailed information around the British SUV series.

Most recently, the chief engineer of Land Rover’s durable operating plate LA Andy Deeks has voiced customers who are concerned about the new Defender not off-road as good as the predecessors can at the same time share some information around the elements This.

In particular, the new Defender will be fitted with two traditional gas and spring fork forms. Deeks guarantees all these 2 options are the best in the market, in which the traditional spring fork “is the best quality segment today ” But the suspension is more impressive. This high-end equipment even has a temperature controller in the suspension and the chassis protects the car.

Despite this, it is difficult D7U single-block aluminum chassis like Range Rover, Range Rover Sport or Discovery can be effective in operating off-road varieties of old separators. The Defender 2020 is sure to have 2 copies of 3 and 5 doors with different base lengths, in the future even vehicles may have extended releases due to the D7U being highly appreciated for the base length flexibility. La Zăng has only 2 sizes options are 18 or 22 inches.

Defender is the first line to debut in the Five Pillars of Land Rover and surely the airline will do every possible way to head down the tail. The car officially debuted in the 9th month coming at the Frankfurt 2019 exhibition.