Sunday, September 22

The BMW 3-Series F30 model is 320i Standard and 320i High being deeply discounted.

Thus, the selling price of the BMW 320i Standard and 320i High F30 par with a Mercedes-Benz C-Class running on the old car market. For this price, BMW 320i is currently the cheapest single medium size luxury sedan segment is distributed genuine in Vietnam.

This price is 16% lower than the original quoted price. The discount of this luxury sedan will apply until the end of January 8, to carry out the warehouse cleanup process. The deep discount program begins to be deployed after the 3-Series G20 has just been open for sale. All cars are incentives as new vehicles, made in 2018, imported from Germany.

Mazda CX-5 drops 100 million

Recently, THACO launched the promotion for most Mazda models in January 8/2019. In it, Mazda CX-5 has the highest level of incentives. Accordingly, customers who buy Mazda CX-5 car in 8/2019 month will receive special offer package with the highest total value of up to 100 million VND.
Specifically, this model was reduced directly to 50 million in cash, plus a free 3-year maintenance fee of 21 million VND and an accessory set of 29 million VND.

This reduced level applies only to the older CX-5 versions. The new upgrade in Vietnam retains the cost of 929 million VND to VND 1.179 billion for 5 versions.

In addition to the Mazda CX-5, many other THACO car models also received discounted prices. In which, the model trucks Mazda BT-50 discounted price to 40 million. Mazda3 has also been reduced to VND 30 million for versions. The other two are Mazda2 and Mazda6 are reduced by 20 million with other gifts.

Ford Explorer reduced 150 million

Car Price Ford Aug There are many templates that are pretty deep discounts. Notably, the US imports form Explorer 2019 is declining from 130 to 150 million, bringing the car price from
Along with Ford Explorer, to March 8, Ford Everest was also reduced by the dealer from 39 to 87 million (depending on version). Ford Focus was reduced from 50 to 60 million, depending on dealer and version. The two versions of Ford Ranger Wildtrak (4×4 2.0 AT and 4×2 2.0 AT) have the highest reduction, ranging from 40 to 50 million.

Nissan Terra reduced 123 million

In January 8, Nissan Terra continue to TR
Accordingly, Nissan Terra copy 2.5 L S 2WD 6MT Price quoted 899 million, reducing VND 90 million new price 809 million.

Version 2.5 L E 2WD 7AT New price 928 million (ie 20 million, compared to the quoted price of 948 million), 2.5 L V 4 WD 7AT is the highest reduction with a reduction of 123 million, bringing the car from the quoted price of 1.198 billion to the new price 1.075 Billion VND.