Saturday, August 24

The 2020 Ford pony GT500 will do that quicker than the other muscle automobile

The 2020 Ford pony GT500 will go from zero mph to zero mph in ten.6 seconds. With a stop at a hundred mph in between.

Ford has run its powerful new pony through the benchmark 0-100-0 mph take a look at that Dodgson Shelby once accustomed promote the combined acceleration and braking performance of his sports cars, and it place down a time that ought to build it the king of the muscle cars.The spectacular performance is thanks mostly to the GT500’s computer-controlled 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which might manage the 760 HP five.2-liter V8’s 625 lb-ft of force below acceleration higher than a manual may, and its huge set of sixteen.5-inch front brake discs squeezed by Brembo calipers.

The GT500 conjointly options light-weight carbon fiber rims wrapped in super-sticky custom-designed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup two tires, which might be warm up before sprints with a rubber-burning line-lock system.According to recent tests by Motor Trend, the 10.6 sec. time beats all of the Mustang’s current muscle automobile rivals, with the Camaro ZL1 requiring eleven.1 sec. and also the significant Dodge competition vixen flight eleven.8 sec, whereas the Chevrolet warship ZR1 sports automobile clocked in at ten.4 sec. in commonplace type and nine.7 sec. with its optional high-downforce rear wing. However, the magazine’s figures usually return from adding separate 0-100 mph acceleration and 100-0 mph braking tests, instead of the only sprint-and-stop run that Ford used.


The $73,995 pony conjointly place in a formidable result against its horse, the $450,000 Ford GT, that received a nine.9 sec. result from Motor Trend, though Ford has ne’er free out its own official figure. Ford conjointly says the GT500 will be ready to cowl a quarter-mile in below eleven seconds Associate in Nursingd has an electronically restricted high speed of a hundred and eighty mph. you’ll be able to expect lots of extra specifications to be disclosed sooner than the GT500’s launch late this year.