Wednesday, October 16

Tesla Model X ‘ haunted ‘, self-accelerated radiation collision

The Tesla Model X suddenly speeds off the driver’s wishes and crashes directly into the front car. Thankfully nobody’s killed.
Tesla Model X suddenly loses driving the car that is trying to park the road suddenly accelerates the radiation, and unfortunately nobody is injured.
The incident occurred in 10/8 at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Carscoops News. Tesla’s electric car in circulation normally suddenly steering and the power of the Toyota truck is on the front.

Strong collisions made Tesla Model X broken, selling Toyota to damage the tail. There was a woman standing next to the truck at the time but thankfully not injured.

The Model X after the collision was moved across the street and nearly crashed into the pedestrian. It is also very fortunate that this person is not compromised.

It looks that the driver has a certain impact after the moment of collision, otherwise the damage will not stop there. The camera shows that the driver tried to steer off to avoid crashing on the road.

The mission is being investigated by the authorities and Tesla after the white Model X says that the car is speeding up as if it had intended murder.

Before the collision, it appears that the car owner Tesla Model X is looking for parking right behind the tail sell Toyota. It is unclear if the car owner is wrong, brake legs. Many cases accidentally hit the throttle, or the station leg is trapped into the carpet floor.

Tesla driver Model X accelerates self-acceleration and brake pedal only after close to two-person walking. If not by driver error, it is very possible that the automatic steering system of this car has encountered a big problem and self-control of the accelerator.