Sunday, September 22

Super car Tushek TS 900 with power 950 the power

The Slovenian super-car manufacturer made an appearance from 2012 with the 450-pin coupe, Renovatio T500. Seven years later, Tushek came back with a double more powerful product that TS 900 H Apex.
Super Car Tushek TS 900 produces power on the 900 power, just as its name suggests. The V8 engine and its 4.2-liter dual electric motor generate 950 power and the extreme torque up to 1,400 Nm.
And thanks to the chrome-plated space chassis and carbon fiber body, the weight of TS 900 falls to about 1410kg. Compared to Acura NSX hybrid, the car is about 370kg lighter.
With its combined V8 engine, the new Tushek TS 900 can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds. In addition, the car can reach a maximum speed of up to 380km/h, ie close to the pace of the Bugatti queen.
To be able to maintain high speeds within the given time as well as ensure safe operating standards, the vehicle is equipped with Pirelli Trofeo Series R (before 235/35, after 305/30) and large Brembo brakes.