Sunday, September 22

Suddenly “encountering” Porsche 718 Spyder on the street

As planned, now is not the time to deliver the Porsche 718 Spyder to customers, but recently, a 718 Spyder has been seen on the street, this is probably a private production car. which was used by Porsche to perform pre-production tests.

In any case, this Porsche 718 Spyder has attracted the attention of people around it, it has a beautiful design, even more polished in British Racing Green’s green paint.

And yet, the convertible sports car also features unique Satin Aurum paint wheels, making the 718 Spyder stand out from the crowd. Reportedly, British Racing Green is an option in the Paint To Sample list, so to use this paint color for 718 Spyder, the owners have to spend more money.

Talking about the specifications of the 718 Sypder, the car shares a 4.0 liter 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with the 718 Cayman GT4, which produces 414 horsepower and maximum torque. 420Nm. Through a 6-speed manual gearbox, the supercar can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds, before rolling a top speed of 301 km / h.

Vehicles equipped with active suspension Porsche Active Suspension Management, with undercarriage can be reduced by 30mm. Under the base GT group, Porsche 718 Sypder is priced from $ 96,300 in the US.