Sunday, September 22

Recently launched, Shelby GT500 has owned a stronger package than Bugatti Chiron

Launched less than 3 months, the 2020 Shelby GT500 was upgraded by Hennessey firm to 1,217 horsepower, stronger than the Bugatti Chiron.
Just a few months after Ford announced the 2020 Shelby GT500, Hennessey has released 3 performance upgrades specifically for this model. With the performance of the standard version up to 771 horsepower and 847 Nm of torque, Hennessey turned Shelby GT500 into a true beast with a capacity of up to 862 horsepower on the “standard” version.

Hennessey’s three upgraded packages for the 2020 Shelby GT500 include: Venom 850, Venom 1000 and Venom 1200. With Venom 850, the car reaches 862 horsepower and 983 Nm of torque, while on the Venom 1000, Shelby package Hennessey GT500 reaches a maximum capacity of 1,014 horsepower and maximum torque of 1,152 Nm.

The most powerful version is the Venom 1200 will have a maximum capacity of 1,217 horsepower and 1,356 Nm of torque when using E85 gasoline or fuel reserved for racing cars.

To do this, Hennessey uses TwinTurbo technology on the V8 engine block as well as upgrading the fuel handling system. In addition, the piston and sleeve are also designed to withstand greater pressure, the exhaust system uses advanced steel. The cooling unit has also been upgraded to accommodate high performance. Hennessey’s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is also adjusted to match the power from the upgrade package.

In contrast to the upgraded power, Hennessey only slightly changed some exterior and interior details such as the “Venom 850” logo, “Venom 1000”, “Venom 1200” as well as the custom logos. The owner of each car will receive a card with the serial number of the car with the signature of the owner of the company, headrest embroidered Hennessey logo …

In particular, when upgrading the Venom 1200 package, each vehicle must undergo a check up to 241 km to ensure all parts are stable before being handed over to the owner. All three packages are included with a one-year / 12,000 mile warranty (19,312 km).