Wednesday, October 16

Photos of the Porsche Taycan 2020 interior, too beautiful and different

The Porsche Taycan 2020 cabin is full of technology colors, adding a new screen to the passenger seat side interacting with the car.
Driving compartment Porsche Taycan 2020 has up to 4 different screens, including digital clock cluster, infotainment system, screen below adjusting air conditioning parameters.

Interior Porsche Taycan 2020.
This design is similar to the new Audi car, Porsche also added an optional screen for the front seat occupants, making it easy to change the settings without bothering the driver.

Digital clock cluster of Porsche Taycan 2020 is up to 16.8 inches in size, designed in a round, ultra-thin rim, using real glass, anti-glare good.

The driver can adjust the digital clock cluster with 4 different modes, including Classic, Map, Full Map and Pure. Classic mode is like a traditional clock cluster, Map mode and Full Map take the form of navigation information, Pure mode only shows the necessary driving data such as speed, signage, and navigation.

There are two touch control areas right next to the digital clock cluster, allowing the driver to easily access the usual parameters of the vehicle. On the left side, the lighting system is adjusted, the right side adjusts the suspension and traction control.

Side seats have additional screen to adjust the air conditioning system.
Porsche Taycan 2020 has two options of steering wheel: GT standard and sport. GT steering wheel is designed differently, with switch button to select different driving modes.

The right side is a 10.9 inch infotainment screen, which is attached directly to the glass block. The system supports voice control technology, integrated navigation applications, telephones, multimedia, facilities and connectivity for Porsche Connect.

Under the infotainment system is the central area with two air vents, the touch screen vibrates 8.4 inches. In addition to easy adjustment of air-conditioning and pre-heated, ventilated seats, this screen also supports handwriting recognition technology, allowing users to enter addresses for the system to guide themselves to search.

The 16.8-inch clock cluster has 4 different modes, full of information display.
If it is not enough, Porsche Taycan 2020 also provides a fifth screen (5.9 inches) to control the air conditioning system 4 independent zones. This screen mounts on the side of the seat side, and features a vibrating touch.

In addition to features on the car, Porsche Taycan 2020 also has many packages of interior options. In addition to “classic leather”, buyers can choose OLEA special leather, even without leather material if the customer is an animal lover. Then, the skin will be replaced with “Race-Tex” material, a high quality synthetic fiber.

Porsche Taycan 2020 interior has exclusive colors such as Atacama Beige, Blackberry, Black-Lime Beige and Meranti Brown. Customers can choose more wood, carbon fiber, aluminum for doors and central area.

Porsche Taycan 2020 will officially launch on September 4 here. At that time, images and details of this sports car will be more complete.