Saturday, August 24

Nissan Automobile price list may 8/2019: Buy Cars for gifts cash several tens of millions VND

In 8/2019 month, customers buying Nissan cars still receive many promotions from gifts to cash with each car model and edition. Coinciding with the month of Europe, Nissan models were also promoted compared to previous months.

Specifically, customers who buy Nissan X-Trail 2 version 2.5 SV 4WD V-Series Luxury and 2.0 SL 2WD V-Series Luxury will be awarded the AVN Head accessory, floor mat and 20 million in cash, while the 2.0 2WD version is awarded first AVN , body Areokit, auto rear door, floor mat and 20 million cash.
Meanwhile, the model of an SUV Nissan Terra was donated to the kit, including the journey camera, the auto rear door, the AVN head and the 20 million cash for version 2.5 L V 4WD 7AT, version 2.5 L E 2WD 7AT similar but only donated 10 million cash. Native version 2.5 L S 2 WD 6MT was donated by AVN and 10 million in cash.

In January 8/2019, Nissan Navara sold no price adjustment but customers who bought two versions of Navara EL and VL will receive a fee offer in advance. In particular, customers who buy Nissan Navara in EL 2.5 AT 2WD will be given Premium R Kit and support the pre-phonebook fee of 20 million, if not take the accessory the user will be converted 15 million VND cash. For buyers of Nissan Navara, VL 2.5 AT 4WD Edition will be awarded Premium R accessories and support in advance to VND 25 million, or cash conversion worth 15 million VND.

Nissan Navara is currently distributing in Vietnam with the version: Premium EL price 669 million, Premium VL price 815 million, Navara E price 625 million, Navara EL price 669 million, Navara SL price of 725 million, Navara VL price 815 million and Navara NV350 rate of VND 1.095.