Saturday, August 24

Modern design route of Toyota Avanza 2019 New village show

With outstanding improvements in exterior design and comfort, the new Avanza 2019 has officially been present at the entire Toyota dealer system nationwide.
First launched in 2004, Toyota Avanza was used by customers in Indonesia and neighbouring markets such as Philipine, Thailand… Welcome. Introduced in Vietnam in January 9/2018, thanks to the advantage of a small MPV with ample space for 7 people and inheriting the core value of Toyota including quality, durability, reliability, Avanza has become a close companion for the Vietnamese family.
In order to meet the increasing demands of customers, especially young families, Toyota has continuously strived to improve its products and introduce the new 2019 Avanza with dramatic change in design and additional comfort features. Especially the strong change in the design of the head has contributed to the youthful appearance, sport, suitable for young customers and family customers.
Modern design of Toyota Avanza 2019
Toyota Avanza 2019 appearance best changed at the top of the car design: The top of the car owns impressive change design. New front bumper is neatly integrated with wide and high radiator grille. The fog lamps are shaped by sports embossed lines and impressive folds with a crisp and modern line. This version also added LED headlights, which contributed to the youthful, modern design, and ensured maximum lighting efficiency with high durability.
The tail is also sporty, modern and more impressive thanks to the new design of the backlighting cluster, which extends, extends and connects with a chrome plated rod. In addition, the design section of the tail is embossed to help Avanza 2019 look stronger and wider than the old version. Moreover, shark fin antenna has contributed to the modern look of this new version.
Meanwhile, the side design had an extra stone-splash section on the side which contributed to protecting the vehicle from damage to rocks and land on the road, while enhancing the personality for the flanks of the car. La-Zăng is reengineered to become more individualized and sporty.
On the 1.5 G AT version is equipped with an electric rearfold mirror that assists the driver when moving or stopping parking, especially when the weather is unfavorable. In addition, this version upgrades sound system from 4 speakers to 6 speakers to bring vivid sound for all passengers on the car.
In addition, the Toyota Avanza 2019 offers diverse colors for customers to choose from, replacing 8X2 blue with a dark blue (B79) for both versions along with 5 existing colors including light yellow (T23), Black (X12), silver (1E7) , Gray (1G3), White (W09).
Avanza inherited the core value of Toyota including quality, durability and reliability with the advantage of a small MPV, 7 seater who is the choice worth the attention of Vietnamese families. The newly upgraded version of the youthful, more dynamic appearance hopes to become even more appealing.
The car has a relatively low retail price when the two versions are sold below 600 million. The introduction of the new version is expected to change the position of Avanza in Vietnam’s automotive market.