Wednesday, October 16

Modern cars get stolen in just a few tens of seconds

Remotely control the car and boot the bike with a convenient button but it is also a nightmare with a car owner if you encounter high-tech theft.

What Car has experimented with the ability to steal 8 modern vehicles equipped with the above two technologies. The result is just a few seconds to be able to crack and break into the car with dedicated equipment.

This way, DS3 Crossback Ultra Prestige is the easiest car to steal. The experimental team took less than 5 seconds of unlocking, and needed five seconds to drive.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2018 is also easy to break into, requiring 10 seconds of unlocking and 20 seconds of driving.

However, the vehicles using the authentication device (key fob) with the motion detection technology are more difficult to steal. When the car has passed, the authentication device will stop transmitting signal so it is difficult to crack.

The authentication device is available on cars Audi, BMW, Ford and Mercedes. The empirical team cannot break into and steal the Audi TT RS Roadster, BMW X3, Ford Fiesta, and Mercedes A-Class When the authentication device does not work.

However, the authentication device that carries the person will broadcast the signal when the vehicle owner moves. If the thief gets this signal, they easily steal the car.

The experimental team takes 5 seconds to enter TT RS Roadster and add 5 seconds to drive away. Both the BMW X3 and the Ford Fiesta lost 40 seconds to break and 20 seconds. Mercedes A-Class needs 30 seconds to break in and add 20 seconds to drive.

Solely Land Rover Discovery is unable to steal. What Car said the British car company uses ultra-wide band signal transmission technology on modern models. The key that will transmit many signal strips should be difficult to obtain. If this signal is not captured, the intruder cannot be fooled for the boot car.

The experimental team needed 20 seconds to break into the Land Rover Discovery but could not drive away.