Saturday, August 24

Maserati announces special versions of Quattroporte and SUV Levante

Right from the outside, both this special Maserati Quattroporte and Levante have emerged more than normal versions thanks to the blue-colored Blu Sofisticato Metallic and Bronzo copper paint. The Quattroporte S Q4 GranLusso also includes the Zegna Edition logo of the famous Italian leather Zegna, along with black painted pork, sports chairs and dark brown interiors. Meanwhile, there are also an additional 21 inch Helios, black interior and Radica decorative wood panels.
However, the most striking of these two special editions is in the interior-wrap material called Pelletessuta, or can be defined as ‘ leather fabric ‘. To create the Pelletessuta, the superior Nappa leather plates provided by Zegna will be cut into thin threads, then woven together into a leather cloth. Compared to normal sheet skin, Pelletessuta has advantages such as light weight, durability and, most importantly, ‘ poisonous ‘. Currently around the world, only Maserati furniture is wrapped in leather fabrics.
And not all the Maserati have been wrapped interior in this unique material. According to Italy, there will be only 50 Quattroporte and 50 Levante clad with Pelletessuta for the US market. The selling price of these special versions is not announced by the company but according to Maserati, the order will be credited to any previous pile. In the spring of 2020, the Maserati with the interior wrapped in leather Pelletessuta to customers.