Saturday, August 24

Lack of airbag-Nissan Chi 1.5 million accident settlement

According to The State Newsletter This is the agreement reached between the Nissan Motor and the Advisory Counsel on the inheritance of Overton on 6/8 for Ashlynn victims Overton was killed in traffic accidents in 2017 , when a car suddenly overwhelms the lane, hits the front bumper of the car Nissan’s 2016 lifetime victim makes the vehicle overturned.
Accordingly, the inheritance legacy of Overton will be approximately 776,000 USD, while the lawyers will also receive approximately 675,000 USD. According to the Attorney inheritance counsel, Nissan’s car Overton was not equipped with airbags on the side of the car, which was designed to prevent the lesions in the early area in case of an accident.
At the time of the accident, the attorney representing the automobile company Nissan said that the applicable law does not specify the automobile carriers to install a side airbag. However, after this Japanese car carrier case is still compensated for the victim.