Sunday, September 22

Is Pagani developing a pure electric car that will open in parallel with the C10?

Founder and CEO Pagani Horacio Pagani had a chance to talk to Autocar about future projects.

The most noticeable information in the talk between the two sides is that the Italian brand confirmed that although other brands may abandon the V12 engine for fear of emissions, the company will never do this. The convertible Huayra BC Roadster they just launched, as usual, still uses the twin-turbocharged 6.0L V12 engine from Mercedes-AMG.

Talking to Autocar, Horacio also confirmed that the legacy vehicle of Huayra with code name C10 will start invading the global supercar village in 2022 with the heart of course still a V12 engine.

“Our philosophy then will still be the same now with the focus on the twin-turbocharged V12 Mercedes-AMG engine, except that this heart is lifted up. We have a proper relationship. It works very closely with Mercedes and will continue to use their V12 engines until 2026, “the leader confirmed.

Currently, Pagani is also developing a pure electric car that will open in parallel with the C10, but he declined to reveal more details about this model.

In addition, Horacio confirmed that he and the management had begun discussing the possibility of developing an SUV, and while the process was ongoing, they were temporarily unconvinced by the thought.

“If we set out to build an SUV, the price of the car would be no less than 3 million euros, considering the sustainability strategy we had in place. We are not sure how big demand is, but we are not allowed.” make mistakes”.

“A car with a Pagani logo should always be of the highest quality possible. We can totally use an SUV chassis and rely on their experience in the construction of this car. Anyway. The actualization process from idea to practice will take a long time “.