Saturday, August 24

Interpretation of automobile abbreviation symbols

Cars are increasingly modern and many new devices make the user yet to grasp the significance of automotive abbreviations.

In order to serve the needs of users, the following is a synthesis of the basic terminology that some modern cars are equipped with.

The following are some of the symbols on automatic vehicle numbers:

P (Parking)-use to stop parking, need the number in this location new car boot or key withdrawal is.

R (Reverse)-The reverse number, used to reverse the car, only switch to reverse number when the car is stationary or wait for the car to stop permanently transferred to this position.

N (Neutral)-Analog number mo on the floor gearbox, vehicle operation does not load, use when pulling, pushing car rescue, maintenance.

D (Drive)-The number of progressive analog levels number 1-2-3-4-5 of the floor car, which makes the car move forward to normal, the gearbox automatically adjusts the number level in accordance with the speed.

In addition, some automotive symbols that users may know but do not properly understand its significance.

ABS-Anti-lock Brake System: Automatic anti-braking system.
AWD-All Wheel Drive: The full-time dynamic four-wheeled system gianBA-Brake Assist: The system supports folding wins.
C/C or ACC-Cruise Control: Cruise control. The system sets the fixed speed on highways.
C/L-Central Locking: Central locking system.

CVT: The Variable Continuosly Tranmission: Unlicensed variable gearbox, used on some vehicles like Nissan Murano, Mitsubishi Lancer.
DOHC-Double Overhead Camshafts: Flush cam structure with two shafts above the cylinder. For example, 1.8 2ZR-FE engine of the Toyota Corolla from 1997 to present or Honda Civic 2.0 engine in Vietnam.

EBD-Electronic Brake Distribution: Electronic winning power distribution system.
EDM-Electric Door Mirrors: Electrical control mirror.
ESP – Electronic Stability Programe: Electronic vehicle stabilization system.
E/W-Electric Windows: Electric Vehicle Door control system
ESR-Electric Sunroof: electric-operated roof door.

FWD-Front Wheel Drive: The front-bridge. RWD-Rear Wheel Drive: The rear-bridge navigation system.
Heated-Front Screen: Front glass heating system.
HWW-Headlamp Wash/Wipe: System wipers/washing headlights.

MPG-Miles Per Gallon: Mileage is for 4.5 liters of fuel.
MPV-Multi Purpose Vehicle: Multi-use vehicle.

LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas: Liquid gas.
LSD-Limited Slip Differential: Anti-slip differential kit.
LWB-Long Wheelbase: Large base length.