Sunday, September 22

Hyundai summon more than 400,000 car sticky bugs in China

The general Department of Supervision, Inspection and quality control of China on 11/8 said the Beijing Hyundai Auto Company will summon 400,377 cars in the Chinese market due to technical errors.
According to the statement on the above agency’s network, the withdrawal of the vehicle will begin from 17/8 to the end, in relation to the faulty Hyundai Tucson car model which was produced from 17/8/2015 to 18/9/2018.
The statement indicates when the car Hyundai Tucson continuously walked short distances in a low-temperature environment, the oil level of the defective machine could increase, leading to a light-illuminated engine failure, even damaging the engine.
Hyundai Car company promised to upgrade the engine test programs, and replace free heat control valves of defective vehicles to eliminate the risk of safety.
Hyundai was the 3rd most sold vehicle in China in 2009, but by the last year it dropped to the 9th position, the market share fell by almost half.