Sunday, September 22

How long does the average battery life last?

There are many factors that affect the life of automobile batteries, including weather conditions and driving habits.

Factors affecting automotive battery life
Weather conditions

Leaving the car operating in extremely hot or cold weather will cause chemical components inside the battery to be affected, which may lead to malfunction or weak power supply. When parking a car in the hot sun, an insulation sheet is required to protect the battery, but it is also anti-staining in some other details.

Habits of using the car

Driving behavior also has a big impact on automotive battery life. There are many doctors after leaving the car not paying attention to the off-line equipment, for example, forgetting to turn off the car lights, air-conditioning system, … will cause the battery to power down quickly.

A long time of not using the car, also led to the power in the battery being weak or weak enough to not start. Or just drive a short distance, because the battery needs to be fully charged, the car should be operated normally and continuously for about 20 minutes (the condition of the charging system works normally). Therefore, if you frequently move with short distances, turn off the engine and start up often, the battery will quickly reduce its life.

The “level” of adding too many toys to the car such as electronic equipment, lights … can control the load increase, so the battery runs out of power for a short time and reduces the life expectancy. In addition, the installation of these devices if not calculated and installed properly will be a threat not only to the battery but also to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Maintenance conditions

If you do not take your car to regular maintenance, you will not be able to know if the solution in the battery is more or less, the battery terminals are clean and not timely added and cleaned. This will make the battery work poorly, with a significantly reduced life expectancy.

Examples of practical cases: When unfortunately your car is flooded, this time if trying to start the car will cause water to overflow the line, jack … causing great harm to the power source. In this case, the vehicle will not be checked and maintained in a timely manner, making the battery easily damaged and no longer works as well as before.

What is the average life expectancy of a car battery?

The answer depends on the case and usage of each person. Normally, if the car battery is regularly maintained, the battery charging system operates normally, the lifespan can last up to 100,000 km equivalent to 4 years of use. In fact, the life of automotive batteries only falls into 2-3 years. At the end of the life cycle using batteries, batteries should be replaced immediately.