Saturday, August 24

Honda E is fully powered by electric operation 200 km at full charge

Designed for people with a modern lifestyle, Honda E is the total harmony of the unique design, high use power and exciting driving sensation, according to the Japanese car carrier.

The Prototype was based on Honda’s new electric scooter with characteristics such as a neat size, large base shaft, short head and wide tire to provide maximum flexibility in urban and more excited feelings. The contours of the vehicle were more rounded, while the Urban EV’s three-door Hull hatchback was also transformed into a more handy 5-door.
The white-coloured tray is now replaced by a black painted 10-winged wheel. Like the concept, Honda E uses cameras that replace rearmap mirrors and charging ports hidden under a glass lid on the capô. The underlying LED light reflects the light through the glass, greeters the driver and announces the charging status of the battery.

The design of this electric car makes many customers excited

Known electric motors will be located in the rear bridge and the range of cars will reach more than 200 km. The vehicle is equipped with electric motors for the 150 horsepower and the 300 Nm extreme torque. With quick charge feature , the battery of the car can be full 80% after 30 minutes charging.
Last, Honda has announced a short video showcasing the interior of this model. The most prominent is the ultra-large touchscreen display between the car, which extends the full section as the German car carriers.
This monitor is re-paired from the 12.3 inch pair. It extends from the cluster to the nearest part of the shipment. The speed meter cluster is also an electronic display. Even the rearview mirror is also equipped with the monitor that is located near the window (Side Camera Mirror System), which is 6 inches in size. This rearslide camera system is similar in high-powered Audi E-Tron.

Honda Furniture E not only handy but also a lot of monitors

The central screen of this car is not only large but also extremely handy. Users can customize the functions that they prefer to the home screen. Also the car has a virtual personal assistant, making it easier to control. The driver simply calls “OK, Honda ” will be served shortly. They can learn a lot of information about cars such as engine status, battery charger calendar, safety and steering system, ability to open playback videos, compatible Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and can download more useful apps at the Honda App Center.
In addition, customers can also use smartphones with special application settings that can be used, access to charging functions, vehicle status details, climate control, security and location monitoring, as well as lock and unlock Honda E.