Wednesday, October 16

Ford Mustang inspired SUV is about to show up, still has a manual gearbox

After a long wait, Ford’s all-new electric SUV inspired by Mustang is expected to be released in November this year.
It’s been almost a year since Ford revealed the first information about an electric-powered SUV inspired by Mustang’s “wild horse.” During the period since then, the US automaker has not added any other public action to this remarkable project.

However, a Ford spokesman recently confirmed that it will unveil a brand-new SUV in November – the time of the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show in the US.

The car mentioned here is most likely the SUV with the Ford Mustang platform that it used to “chew” a year ago.

Initially, the SUV was named Mustang Mach 1 as a tribute to the famous 60-year-old coupe. However, this name was not received by many fans, forcing the automaker to change to one. another name.

According to Carbuzz, Ford registered the Mach E trademark for a model in the US this year, most likely the new name for this SUV.

From the images taken on the test track, it can be seen that the SUV has quite muscular styling with many details with the same design as the coupe.

According to the manufacturer’s statement, this electric SUV has an operating range of about 483 km on a single charge, on par with the most advanced version of Tesla Model Y.

Dave Pericak, Ford’s product manager, said the model still has the option of gearbox and gearbox options that many high-performance SUVs today own. Expected, Ford’s electric SUV will be available in the market by 2020.