Wednesday, October 16

Ford is ready to launch the Mustang electric SUV at the Los Angeles show

Ford has been selling Mustang SUVs for over a year and it looks like the car is ready to debut at the Los Angeles show in November.

According to the report published by The Detroit Bureau, a Ford spokesman confirmed the public “could observe the new SUV model in November”, thereby hinting that the car could be launched at the Los show. Angeles – the last major event of the year of the global vehicle village opened on November 20.

While the Ford spokesman’s statement seems to be quite conservative, the US automaker had previously confirmed that electric Mustang SUVs will be available to the public this year and on sale the following year, meaning that version we see at The exhibition is no longer a concept but a complete configuration.

Ford also posted a teaser image of an SUV with a 3-bar vertical taillights that somehow reminiscent of the Peugeot car next to the sports car ceiling and side mirrors to optimize aerodynamics. The range of the car is confirmed at approximately 500 km each time, the battery supports fast charging technology.

Although it began to turn to electrochemical terrain vehicles, Ford also pledged not to abandon sports cars / terrain using traditional manual gearboxes with icons like Mustang, Bronco and F-150 Raptor.