Sunday, September 22

Ford integrated the projector into the trunk of the car, from pickup to crossover

Ford’s mobile cinema solution is suitable for next-generation crossovers and SUVs, not exclusively for F-150 pickups.

Ford has announced the invention of turning a trunk into a mobile cinema in April 2017. Drive, however, says the scope of this initiative is broader.

Accordingly, the projector will be attached to the trunk door, capable of playing movies when the trunk is opened. Specifically, the movie projector will be attached to the lower edge of the trunk door so that when the trunk is opened, it will be facing away from the right view.

The drawing of the invention shows that the projector’s direction can be adjusted. In addition to playing movies, TV shows, video games, YouTube videos, projectors can be used as high pressure lights.

When asked if it would commercialize the invention, a Ford representative said it was normal for the company to register the new invention without necessarily putting it into production.

However, there will be some technical challenges if Ford wants to implement this technology, especially the protection of projector components when installed on regularly opened and closed components such as the trunk of the car.

Hopefully, Ford’s solution, if realized, will support smartphones, laptops, and game consoles on the market, rather than serving Ford alone.