Sunday, September 22

Expert advisors How to choose to buy a suitable car, climb the slope

Due to job requirements, dust travel preferences, or even high-area families with conditions to buy cars, choosing a car that fits the terrain is quite important. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thai, expert at Anycar Vietnam said that, for rugged terrain, steep passes, users should choose models with high chassis design, which has many safety features and special priority line for the trucks.
According to Britain, with the high chassis, the design of the seat will be higher, the low car nose and the column A steep so the high-pitched car will bring better visibility to the driver. Many drive to Anycar and share that, the high chassis models make them easy to base on the East Street (except full-size SUV models). In addition, the high-chassis is suited to difficult terrain such as mountainous provinces. The good internal capability of high-chassis is evident, and attracted customers in high-altitude provinces.
In addition, the safety equipment supporting the roads of the pass is very important. Drivers need to be especially interested. Typically the body stabilizing system ESC, it helps the vehicle be balanced when the driver enters the folding bends at high speeds. In addition, it is also a equipment that can be operated on a vehicle or on a pass or steep.

Because in the process of driving, the more or less doctors will face the case of stopping and departing between the steep back. If the driver does not know how to deal with the car will be drifting behind. Therefore, the HAC-steep departure system will make it easier for drivers to overcome this circumstances.

Another equipment should also be that of the anti-slip TRC system, this system works to prevent the condition of the car losing control, the car splash due to loss of friction with the road surface at sudden acceleration, help the car keep the stability , adjust the car in the right direction on slippery road conditions, when entering the slope of the steep pass.

The models are equipped with many safety features that moderate prices can include Mazda CX5, Hyundai Santa Fe and especially the Subaru line.-English Thai emphasis. In addition, the models of trucks such as Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 or Nissan Navara… are designed very suitable for moving on difficult paths, steep passes. The high-altitude drivers should prioritize these models.