Sunday, September 22

Chief engineer Toyota Supra shares a lot of interesting information about new sports car projects

If you were to choose, would you prefer a more powerful Supra or Supra version?

Recently, Chief Engineer of Supra indirectly provided some pretty good information about the future of Toyota Supra as well as its new sports car projects. At that time, the company invited a number of journalists to attend the test drive of a Supra Gazoo Racing version at Sportsland Sugo, Japan and the AutoIndustriya question for Mr. Tada hit the focus.

Specifically, the question that was raised then was “why does Supra, considering its name and tradition, not use the more powerful S58 engine of BMW and we can expect a version of a manual gearbox? in the future? ” For those who do not know, S58 is a 3.0-liter turbocharged 3.0-liter engine that continues the S55 with the highest configuration of over 500 horsepower and will therefore be used for BMW M models.

Meanwhile, the manual gearbox has been urged by sports car fans to call Toyota into the list of possible future launches for Supra. Tada’s quick response surprised a lot of people, basically understanding that “which version do you prefer (first released)?” – means both are already within sight and reach of Toyota.

Another equally interesting question at the event revolved around who it wants to shake hands with to revive another sports car line is the MR2 if desired. Tada’s answer is also very quick and decisive: Porsche! Yes, it is a perfect partner for anyone who wants to develop a mid-sized sports car.

Previously, their 86 project joined hands with Subaru and now Supra has a close relationship with BMW. Is there any chance for the MR2 and Porsche couple to appear in the future?