Sunday, September 22

Car air filter is dirty so the engine is weak, how to clean it properly?

The phenomenon of automobile engines suddenly weakened, did not work as strong as when the new car was purchased, most likely because the engine air filter was dirty.

Engine air filters are one of the very important details, especially for today’s automotive engines. However, unlike the air filter on the motor of the motorbike, the air filter on the automobile engine can be cleaned and reused instead of completely replaced.

Why need to clean engine air filter?
Whatever the engine, the air filter is the same task. That is to ensure that the flow of air into the combustion chamber is as clean as possible. With the seriousness of each school’s pollution intensity, the cleaning of engine wind filters has great benefits. A clean air filter net will make the engine waste more fuel, the combustion efficiency of the engine decreases, the engine temperature will be higher than normal. In addition, the intake air sensors will also operate incorrectly, causing fuel to lack or excess fuel for the engine. On high-end models, vehicles may report engine faults, affecting people’s use of vehicles.

However, instead of having to go to the garage to get help with repairs, we can absolutely do this at the home for the free weekends.

The process of self-cleaning automobile engine air filter is as follows:

Step 1: Determine the location of the air filter in the engine compartment

The air filter is usually behind the engine’s intake, just behind the grille. We only need to trace this pipe to the position of the engine air filter. Manufacturers often put air filters in a round or square designed protection box.

Step 2: Remove the air filter from the protection box

Depending on the manufacturer, the protective case is designed as a grip or a fastener. They are simply designed to be easily removed by hand or by wrench. The air filter is just below the lid of the protective box and we can remove it by hand.

Step 3: Clean the air filter

Use a steam spray to remove dust and dirt from the air filter. Spray from inside to outside and from top to bottom. Be careful not to clean the air filter with water or any cleaning chemical solution. In addition, do not use brushes, brushes or sharp objects to clean the stains on the air filter, as it may cause the membrane filter of the air filter to tear and lose its effect.

Step 4: Install the air filter back to the original position

Before installing the air filter to the original position, we use a dry cloth to wipe away the dirt from the protective box. Then tighten the nuts or keep them in the beginning.

When need to replace engine air filter?

Cleaning the engine air filter is just basic maintenance work. According to the manufacturer’s manufacturer’s recommendation, the engine air filter should be cleaned every 5,000 km and renewed after 20,000 km. However, given the actual usage conditions as well as the increasingly polluted environment, we should shorten this detailed inspection period.

It is best to clean every 3,000 km or once a month and replace it after 15,000 km. However, if during cleaning, you find that the wind filter is torn, moldy or difficult to clean, which is when you should change this.