Sunday, September 22

Bugatti Centodieci continues to cut the fans ‘ heart with a classic futuristic look

Bugatti’s latest supercar continues to cut the attendees in Monterey’s Automotive week with a classic futuristic look and white hues.

At the same time last year, Bugatti presented Divo village also in Pebble Beach and immediately became a hub for the media here. Thought this year they were no more impressed, and the second most expensive superproduct in the Bugatti squad after La Voiture Noire appeared.

Centodieci (110 in Italian) using the mechanical platform from Chiron but improved in many operational categories, vehicle design has also been significantly altered to the symbolic EB110 of the 1990 decade without compromising the ability to sink heat and speed.

Due to its influence from classical EB110, Bugatti’s typical horseshoe-shaped radiator was shortened in size to the Chiron/Divo/La Voiture Noire. The rear wing is also attached to the EB110 SS-like body instead of detached and is adjustable to tilt direction.

The transparent motor cover is also derived from the original EB110 SS but rather the earlier 3.5 L V12 engine is now the W16 engine that integrates up to four booster sets for the total capacity of approximately 1,600 horsepower.
The tail is also different from other models that Bugatti launched in the last time when the tablet rearview is often seen to be replaced by a horizontal LED light system with eight main lights divided into two levels. 4 the matte black discharge tube on the edge of the rear wind diffuser also caused special vehicles to tunnel when placed by the predecessor 25 years ago.

The 10 Centodieci have been home at a price of 8.9 million per unit and certainly no car is the same. The new Bugatti began to be handed over to 2021.