Saturday, August 24

BMW 1-Series 2020 Village Show, “Duel” Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The BMW 1-Series 2020 owns the changes ‘ “peeling” versus the predecessor. In addition, the upgrade to the engine is also a highlight that helps 1-Series to increase the pressure on a rival of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.
Recently, the car carrier of Baravia-BMW presented its village to the public worldwide small-size hatchback model 1-Series version 2020 entirely new. In addition to the robust upgrades in appearance, the new BMW 1-Series 2020 is equipped with five engine options with the strongest power of up to 302 horsepower.

In terms of appearance, the BMW 1-Series 2020 possesses a design-style breakthrough entirely from the “predecessor “. The design lines of 1-Series 2020 are slightly more common by the car carrier of Baravia recently, which is being applied thoroughly to new product strips from 7-Series, 5-series, 3-Series to the X-Series.
Like the “Brother ” listed above, the 1-Series 2020 is also equipped with a pair of “kidney” shaped grille that features a black paint and a fairly thick grey metal outline, a central lighting cluster with smart-responsive LED technology and an existing design The great, obstructed under sports and the wind… All blends and creates a bold BMW appearance on the 1-Series 2020.
Just like the head and the car body, the tail part of the 1-Series 2020 also carries strong, definitive direction with cohertless and emotional design lines. The L-shaped LED backlighting Unit is the main highlight of the 1-Series 2020 tail design. In addition, the double circular exhaust system is set to balance both sides of the car, obstructing under the shiny black paint along with the fake wind drainage details to bring certain sport.