Saturday, August 24

Attendance of 5 automobile models “bad” most

Toyota Alphard: 24 vehicles
After a year under the influence of decree 116 for imported vehicles, Alphard returned to the market in the early days of 2019. The number of Alphard is about no more, some genuine dealers in Hanoi already have vehicles, while some have not received the goods. In month 7/2019, Toyota Alphard sold the market for 24 vehicles.
Toyota Land Cruiser: 28 vehicles
The Toyota Land Cruiser’s large-sized SUV model continues to be difficult in the Vietnamese market when the selling price is not targeted at the popular customer segment. This resulted in Land Cruiser sales reaching 28 vehicles in 7/2019 months.
Ford Focus: 31 Cars
In January 7/2019, only 31 Ford Focus was sold to the market. The sales Focus is a significant reduction in sales is because Ford Vietnam has stopped assembling this class C form from May 6/2019, the number of cars at the dealer is now very limited even no longer goods.

According to Ford’s theory, the “death” Ford Focus is in its overall strategy, which will focus on producing strong and highly demanding vehicles in Vietnam.

Honda Jazz: 35 Cars
With Honda Jazz, because consumer tastes as well as prices are said to be high, this car sales are often gloomy, even if the auto dealer system has attractive incentives for guests but does not improve significantly. In 7/2019 months, only 35 Honda Jazz were sold to the Vietnamese market.