Sunday, September 22

All Hyundai / Kia cars will be equipped with compact electric vehicles: Park 10km away without worry of walking

The solution is supposed to make it easier for users to find parking spaces in urban areas and move to their desired places with this “handheld” vehicle.

Perhaps not many people remember the concept of compact electric cars that Hyundai unveiled at CES 2017. As part of the IONIQ project that has now been realized into a car with the same name, this electric car can be folded. with just one hand and tuck it neatly in the hip pocket of the front door on Ioniq.

Hyundai’s idea is to create a vehicle that gives users the freedom to move within a 10 km radius of their cars. To do this, the car is equipped with 10.5 Ah lithium battery, rear drive system and rear headlight. Maximum operating range per charge is 20 km. In addition, the car recharges itself when it is in the right position on Ioniq thanks to the system battery.

Electric vehicle weight is accumulated to the rear to help improve balance and stability when operating. Hyundai even carefully integrated the front wheel suspension to ensure a smooth surfing experience.

According to the Korean brand, this car weighs only 7.7 kg despite owning all of the aforementioned equipment, meaning that the fact that users can carry it anywhere. The car even has a digital display that shows the battery status and operating speed (maximum 20 km / h).

In the future, Hyundai will continue to improve the car with regenerative braking technology to increase the range and lower the price so that they appear more on other product lines, the most potential is Kona Electric / Hybrid.