Saturday, August 24

4 common errors on the automobile air conditioning system

Drivers can refer to some common errors on the automotive air conditioner system below and how to handle it manually.

― The “enemy” of the automobile’s air conditioning system is the moisture, dirt, rubber, metal debris or improper lubricating oil. Most of the “enemies ” on the cause leads to obstructive status, forming acids and reducing the operational performance of the air conditioner. They will penetrate the system when a certain part is damaged or caused by impact. In addition, the process of repairing the technique is also the cause of the air conditioner to be attacked at any time.

Drivers can refer to some common errors on the automotive air conditioner system below and how to manually process:

The automotive air conditioning system is still operational but the air conditioner is cool or very weak

With new models of cars and are still regularly cared for, maintenance, the high probability is the wind filter of the air conditioner clothe. The reason is due to the weather conditions, dirt roads cling to the filter grid and the thick side of the filter mesh makes the wind blow back into the air cooler without being able to escape the cabin compartment.

Experienced automotive usage specialists indicate that the user only needs to clean the filter grid. For some modern steering wheel drive vehicles (steering wheel position on the left side), the air conditioning filter is located inside the deep cavity of the glove box. Use a car spray gun or oil pump to clean the dirt on the net. If the user does not clean the weekly filter (with vehicles or use in the field, dirt…), every month the filter mesh will be easy to clothe and affect the air conditioning system.

For long-term vehicles, the cause may be more complicated. The first could be that the air-conditioned and slipped belt-led whirlwind. Either due to the aging pipes resulting in leakage or openings, the air conditioning system is depreciated. In this case, the best driver should bring the car to the prestigious repair center, professional for handling by specialized equipment.

The air conditioner is normal but the air conditioner is cool and not deep

The cause is similar to the case above but the “disease ” lighter. In addition, it is possible because the heater and the cold are dirty. If the shadow is dirty, it will cause a poor heat blockade, which is the cooling effect of gas. Meanwhile, the dirty cooler makes the air around the inside and cannot be trashing into the automobile cabin.

In some car lines, the heater will be installed ventilation in front of the cabin. Therefore, when washing the car, the car owner only needs to ask the person to wash the heater with water or specialized chemical. However, car washes also require certain techniques in order not to damage the engine compartment, especially the electrical system. More complex care, cooler cleaning requires the technical team to be skilled.

Gas addition, but the automobile air conditioner system is almost inactive

The pressure in the air conditioning system is usually adjusted to a certain extent. However, if the gas feeding process is not careful it will lead to the precise uncontrolled condition of the gas pressure parameters. In fact, for many car lines, if the load is too much gas, the safety valve on the automotive air conditioner system will automatically drain all gas to protect the system. And due to the full pressure, the air conditioner will cease to work.

Tips for driving is to bring your “chauffeur” to the prestigious centers so that the car care and maintenance professionals fix the number.

Unpleasant odor but the automotive air conditioner system still works normally

An important cause can be caused by ventilation systems (including cold-plate, wind-filter, blower, door, and cold-temperature sensors) that are dirty or malfunction. In addition, the subjective cause may be due to the user to dirty cabin, not regular cleaning makes impurities such as sweat, garbage, tobacco smell or food… Will cling to the corners of the interior compartment. When the cooling machine works and the wind into the cavity will cause the impurities on the air conditioner to escape causing unpleasant odor.

Whether the cause is subjective or subjective, driving just clean cabin cleaning, cleaning the wind filter net or taking the car to the car care centers to use the car interior cleaning chemicals remove dirt or odor in the cavity Car.