Saturday, August 24

10 million MINI factory from Oxford factory in the United Kingdom

The 10th million MINI-factory from Oxford factory in the UK is a MINI 60 Years Edition “Birthday Celebration”.

MINI car fans around the world have plenty of occasions to look back on 60 years of history a unique car brand from the United Kingdom. Now another special reason: the 10th million MINI is produced from the Oxford MINI plant in the UK, where the classical Mini series was ever produced from 1959.

The 10 million-ship MINI has just shipped as a “birthday celebration” MINI 60 Years Edition. To celebrate this milestone, as well as the 60 anniversary of the MINI birthday, the classic Mini from 1959 and the 60 Years Edition, and joined an incredibly powerful MINI-squad, enriched with more than 60 of the brand’s cars – each of which is marked with Highlights of each year, each stage develops. More than 60 of these cars will be joining in a parade from the factory to Bristol, where thousands of MINI fans take part in a “Celebration” brand anniversary: the “International Mini Meeting” event which takes place on Sunday 11/8/2019.
The history of the MINI is almost being split into 2 large phases: From the beginning until the brand of BMW Group (2001). The airline said there were about 5.3 million classic Mini-players sold globally from the beginning for the year 2000. Just a year later, the vehicle’s history moved to a new site, according to which the brand name shifted to uppercase: MINI instead of Mini as before. Modern MINI cars are in a small, high-level vehicle segment, but are still membrane the core features of previous generations.

Following the current development trend of the global automotive industry, MINI has also developed full-electric car models: MINI Cooper SE and the production of this model in Oxford Factory will start from May 11/2019.

In 2018 alone, the airline sold about 400,000 MINI-cars in 110 countries, showing that modern MINI is still connecting the success of historic models. MINI-Cars 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Clubman are currently in production at Oxford MINI plant. The production capacity here currently reaches 1,000 vehicles per day. Meanwhile, the MINI Convertible and MINI Countryman models are now produced at the VDL NedCar partner plant in the Netherlands.